About Me

I have moved

I have graduated and this site is no longer maintained. See what I’m up to here.

My PhD Work

I was a PhD student at UC Berkeley advised by Borivoje Nikolic at BWRC and Aspire/Adept. I also work with people affiliated with WiFo/Bliss.

My research involved developing tools and methodologies for the design and verification of custom signal processing hardware, in particular in the context of ultra-reliable low-latency wireless communication. I use and sometimes develop Chisel, a hardware construction language developed at Berkeley, and FIRRTL to write generators for wireless basebands. I’m one of the developers of dsptools, a Chisel library for signal processing. I’ve used these tools for some tapeouts as well as with FPGAs.

Before doing my PhD, I graduated from the University of Michigan in December 2012 with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. After graduating, I co-op’ed at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory with the Microwave Limb Sounder group working on spectrometers on FPGAs.

Control Over Wireless Project

The Control over Wireless project’s goal is to develop new wireless architectures to support the high-reliability, low-latency communication necessary for control applications. The targeted applications include current-day critical control applications such as industrial printing, automotive, and smart grid applications, but also future Internet of Things applications as cheap, ubiquitous wireless moves more feedback loops into the home.